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If your family’s well-being and safety is a top priority for you, then ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Delaware’s mission aligns well with yours, as our primary focus is to help keep you and your family secure and protected from intruders and other dangers. Installation is completed within 24 hours to help provide safety for your family as soon as possible, while its thorough and precise process helps ensure total security. Home security in Delaware is a must have, as our superior home security and alarm systems help deter intruders from even thinking about attempting to enter your home.

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Better Business Bureau rates Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Providers with an A+ rating. Delaware Protect Your Home’s Security Advisors are all experts who will help you find the right security package for your home in a professional manner with the goal of getting your home the protection that it needs. Receive a free quote from our certified Security Advisors and we’ll come to your home in Delaware to install your home security. Our branch is located in New Castle, which can help you with all of your monitoring and security needs.

If you would like to find local Delaware service areas where we can assist you in any way, search “ADT locations near me” on Google. Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Delaware’s primary goal is to come up with the best action plan to help protect your family and your belongings so that you can live life without having to worry about the wellbeing of your family or whether your home will be broken into. Most people never come across the thought that they might be a victim of a break-in until it actually happens. Having this kind of mindset often leads to negative ramifications as you can either choose to secure your home to protect your loved ones and your belongings or wait until it’s too late. It is important to take a moment to step back and ask yourself whether your possessions are secure from burglary or if your family is safe from harm. The statistics listed below show some of the potential threats that a resident in the United States could face:

  • Of the recorded burglaries in 2015, 57.9% of burglaries were categorized as forced entry, 6.6% accounting for attempted forced entry, while the other 35.5% consisted of other forms of unlawful entry
  • It is estimated that there was around 1,579,527 burglaries in 2015 and that this lead to about $3.6 billion dollars worth of possessions being taken


Many homeowners in the United States are often ill-prepared for situations that involve break-ins and theft, and later realize that the cost of being a victim of a break-in often far surpasses how much it would have cost to have a security measure in place, which would have helped deter intruders from targeting their house for burglary. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider wants to partner with you to help secure your belongings from potential theft and to protect you and your family from forced entry. Even if your house becomes a target of a break-in, we want to make sure that you have the proper set of alarms that give the intruder a clear signal to get out. ADT Authorized Premier Provider is a nationally recognized security service that helps make sure your home is protected, while moving your home away from the sight of burglars and thieves.

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Delaware Crime info

ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Delaware has a vision for residents in Delaware to not only have the right home security and alarm equipment, but to actually feel safe and assured that their families and belongings inside their homes are under safe protection. For Delaware residents, there is a 1 in 37 chance that one could become a victim of property crime. Although Delaware is a small state, the property crime rate is above average, as there is a surprisingly high amount of crime. That being said, it is important for Delaware residents to see how they can use home security and alarm equipment to make sure that when their homes are targeted for burglary or theft, that their families and belongings are kept safe. Listed below are some statistics on Delaware regarding crime rate:

  • Delaware has around 29,154 property crimes per year
  • There are about 3,370 total property crimes per 100,000 residents


Although residents are told to be aware of their neighborhoods, communicate with their neighbors, and contact the police when there is anything suspicious, having a home security system that can monitor your house and inside and out 24/7 can help lead burglars away from your home. Even in the case that they do target your home, alarm systems can give a clear message to burglars to flee and to your neighbors that there is present danger. Many people think that crimes are most prevalent in larger cities. Although this may be somewhat true, this does not give smaller cities immunity from property crimes as some smaller cities have noticeable crime rates. Listed below are some of the cities in Delaware that have the highest property crime rates:

  1. Wilmington, DE: 3,824 property crimes, 1,212 burglaries, 1 arson
  2. Dover, DE: 2,189 property crimes, 116 burglaries, 10 arsons
  3. Newark, DE: 1,017 property crimes, 177 burglaries, 6 arsons


Although Protect Your Home encourages all residents to install some type of home security system to decrease their risk of being targeted for burglary and break-ins, if you are a resident of one of the cities listed above, we highly recommend that you do so. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider servicing Delaware is a dependable security system that residents depend on across the nation that provides a sense of safety and security. Search “ADT home security near me” to find a location near you. Speak to one of our Security Advisors who will consult with you and get your home installed with home security.

Delaware Home Security

Apart from different factors that can affect the wellbeing of your family and belongings, there are also many positive aspects for residents living in Delaware. Located in a prime location on the Eastern Seaboard, Delaware is a home to more than 950,000 residents as this number is expected to rise above one million by 2025. There is a bright future for economic and educational growth that will continue to improve the standard of living in Delaware. Here are some other statistics that reveal the benefits of living in Delaware:

  • In 2015, the median household income was around $61,255, which was actually slightly higher than the country’s average, while poverty rate was lower
  • About nine in ten individuals in Delaware have graduated from high school, while almost one in three has at least a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Delaware is ranked number one in government credit rating and number three in the growth of young population, providing an optimistic future for the state’s economy


Out of the 50 states in the US, Delaware is ranked #43 in crime and corrections and #30 in low property crime rate, which puts your home at a high risk of becoming a target of a break-in and theft. It is highly encouraged that you partner with ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Delaware to help keep your family and belongings safe even when you’re unable to keep a close eye on it. While you and your family are focusing on the other important things in life, Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider is able to monitor activity inside and around your home to make sure that there is no unwanted activity, while immediately sending help and law enforcement whenever there is a sign of intrusion. Our commitment is to partner together to install security and alarm systems around your home that will give your family the feeling and assurance that you are in safe hands.


More than 200,000 residents each year depend on Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring to help protect their homes and their possessions. When you install ADT-monitored home security, everything is completed in a timely and thorough manner, so that if in any situation your home is targeted for residential crime, surveillance and alarms are able to help discourage them from any further negative actions, while law enforcement is contacted immediately to make sure that help is on its way. Being one of the most dependable home security systems in Delaware, we would be more than glad to partner with you to help your home be a safe home every hour of the day.

ADT-monitored Home Security Equipment for Delaware

Find an ADT-monitored package that works for you. Every home has different needs and we’ll provide a free quote that will include recommendations from one of our Security Advisors who will help you come up with an equipment plan that can best help protect your home. Equipment choices include:

  1. Home Security Camera & Video Surveillance - Not only does the ADT Authorized Premier Provider in Delaware’s high quality camera & video surveillance help you see what’s going on around your house in real time, but it also starts recording and sends you a notification whenever motion is detected so that you can be alerted of any suspicious activity. They have the capability to record both during the day and night with specific camera lenses that are able to automatically adjust depending on how much light is provided in its vicinity.
  2. Pyroelectric Infrared Radial (PIR) Motion Sensor - To ensure even more security through additional protective measures, the PIR Motion Sensor is able to detect body heat and movement in large areas, which can help detect whether an intruder is in your home to protect your valuables from getting stolen or deter the individual from making his or her way to other parts of your home before an alarm is triggered.
  3. Garage Door Sensor - Break-ins often occur through the garage, as the necessary preventative measures required to uphold garage door security is often ignored. The garage door sensor will send you an alert whenever the garage door has been opened to help stop intruders starting from the first point of attempted break-in.

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