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Every homeowner has had the concern of home security cross their mind at some point. They believe in protecting their family and valuable belongings from intruders and burglars, but many homeowners do not take precautions and install home security systems. Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Idaho shares the mission of homeowners and believes in working together to help secure their homes and protect the well-being of their loved ones. Protect Your Home believes that home security should be a priority for homeowners and will provide the necessary surveillance tools and systems to help defend your home 24/7.

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Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Idaho provides free quotes and will come to you to install and customize a plan for your home security system. You can set up a time for installation at your convenience. Protect Your Home has branches covering all of Idaho, with locations in Nampa, Twin Falls, and Mountain Home.

Please search for the nearest Protect Your Home branch and ask about a free quote for your home! You can find local service areas by searching “ADT monitoring near me” on Google, or call one of our representatives to address your questions or concerns.

Protect Your Home’s mission is to help residents best protect their homes and families from harm. ADT provides monitoring throughout the house all day and can alert authorities if suspicious or urgent situations arise inside your home. Protect Your Home wants to help you go on with your day without worrying about the safety of your family and belongings.

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Crime info Idaho

Idaho’s crime rates are below average, making it one of the safest states in America. Residents in Idaho are less likely to become victims of property or violent crime. However, there are still a number of crimes reported every year with numerous counts of property crime. Protect Your Home advises that homeowners take precaution and protect themselves with home security systems because, even in a state where crime is relatively low, there will unfortunately still be crime present. Recent reports show the most recent property crime statistics from Idaho, and the numbers suggest that while crime numbers are low, it is still prevalent.

  • In 2016, stolen property inflicted homeowners with a total loss of $63,606,323, relatively higher than previous years
  • 44,438 offenses were reported, with 6,071 being burglary or breaking & entering
  • 66.7% of all burglary accounts were residential property crimes


The top 3 most dangerous cities in Idaho were reported to be:

  1. Boise, ID: 5,342 property crimes, 913 burglaries, 56 arsons
  2. Nampa, ID: 2,180 property crimes, 510 burglaries, 20 arsons
  3. Coeur d’Alene: 1,978 property crimes, 431 burglaries, 15 arsons


For homeowners in Idaho looking for ways to protect their homes, please find the nearest local Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Idaho branch by searching “ADT monitoring in Idaho” for a free quote and consultation. Protect Your Home can cover all your home security needs and can provide speedy installations at your convenience to help protect your home as soon as possible.

Idaho Home Security

Homeowners find Idaho an attractive destination because of its:

  • Low property tax rate - homeowners pay about $900 less than the national average in property taxes
  • Relatively low crime rate - Idaho has one of the lowest rates of non-violent property crime
  • The scenic views of its state parks - the state contains many lakes, rivers and 25 state parks


The overall cost of living in Idaho is below average when compared to the nation as a whole. Homeowners or renters find that they are paying less for housing, utilities, and grocery in Idaho than in other states. Idaho has dealt with devastating natural disasters in the past, but have not seen or fallen victim to any catastrophes in recent years.


Although Idaho has below average crime rates compared to other states in the nation, crime can still happen and it is in your best interest to be well protected before you or your family could be affected. With our home security system, you’ll be able to protect your home from burglaries, home invasions, or any urgent situations that require immediate assistance. Providing the best home security installation services in Idaho is Protect Your Home’s mission, and we want to help you safe guard your family and valuable possessions.

ADT-Monitored Home Security Equipment for Idaho

Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Idaho provides packages that come with optional equipment choices which you can choose to add to your home security system. Our certified Security Advisors will work with you to create a customized plan to best protect your home. Some of the equipment choices include:

  1. Full Service Digital Touchpad: Each ADT-monitored security system includes a digital keypad that allows you to see the status of your home security system. You have control over the alarm system and can choose whether to arm or disarm the system. You are also provided with a simple, one-touch access to ADT’s monitoring professionals. They can respond 24 hours a day to assist you in an emergency situation.
  2. Wireless Sensors for Windows or Doors: Homeowners can include these wireless sensors on their windows or doors to detect disturbances or break-in attempts through these points of entry. It is recommended that you include these sensors on all doors and windows on your home’s ground level.
  3. Indoor Siren Sounder: This indoor siren sounder emits high-decibel beeps after being activated by the control panel. All of our ADT-monitored home security systems are compatible with our indoor sirens and, if you’d like additional sounders, please speak with your installation professional at the time of installation.

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It’s often been said that it takes a village. In today’s hectic world, we can all use some help, whether that’s with pool care or house sitting. Our busy lives often require that we bring in people to fill in for us when we can’t be there. Maybe you hire lawn maintenance to care for your patch of grass. Perhaps you have a nanny who helps take care of the kids or your elderly relative has a caretaker who stops by regularly. Many homeowners have people coming and going from their house who don’t live there or just need temporary access. How can you keep your home safe? A personal security system has what you need.

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Here’s how a personal security system can help you care for your home when people are coming and going:

  • Individual codes: Most personal security systems offer you the convenience of assigning codes to individuals. This allows you to track when people enter and exit your home. If you have issues, you can narrow down when certain people were present in your home. The flexibility of custom security also means that you don’t have to be present to let people in or see them out.
  • Mobile access: If you need to let someone in your home and you aren’t comfortable assigning a code, you can use the ADT Mobile App to arm and disarm your personal security system so that you are in complete control. With the ADT Mobile App, you make the choice when people enter and when they leave.
  • Security cameras: Many personal security systems offer the use of security cameras. Security cameras often allow for video streaming. You can use security cameras to peek in on any visitors and check on the status of any work being completed. Security cameras often allow for streaming so that you can view what’s happening in your home in real time.
  • Exceptions: Some personal security systems will allow you to make exceptions for sensors. This means that you could arm your system so that normal security system monitoring continues, but disengage one sensor to allow access to only a particular area. For example, if you have a door sensor on your garage and a lawn maintenance person needs access to that area, you can disengage that sensor specifically so that your house remains secure, while allowing someone to enter your garage.

As technology advances, you can personalize your custom security system so that it fits nearly any circumstance you find yourself facing.

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