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Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider is committed to safeguarding Geneseo homeowners from property crime and outside intruders. We employ advanced technology and skilled local technicians to help prepare you for any kind of situation involving your home. With remote access to your indoor cameras and ADT monitoring, your home will be monitored as you tend to the rest of your daily needs. Call our office to schedule a home security system installation, and you can begin feeling safer in your home as soon as tomorrow. Your safety is our top concern, and our Geneseo-based installers will walk you through the system’s features so that you feel comfortably prepared in the event of a home-related emergency.

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With a population of 6,538 people, Geneseo is a relatively small community in the state of Illinois. Geneseo has a crime index of 46, meaning that it is safer than 46% of other U.S. cities. Nonetheless, it is important for residents of Geneseo to inform themselves of available measures to protect themselves against home intrusion. Despite its small size, property crime in Geneseo takes place at a rate of 15.3 instances for every thousand residents. This frequency is only slightly lower than the state average of 19.89, even though Geneseo is one of Illinois’ smallest cities.

Geneseo is an exceptionally great place to live and raise a family, and can only be improved by exceptional home monitoring and security. Homeowners can avoid becoming victims of property crime by installing one of our home security systems as early as this week. Once installed, the system will send you notifications in case of any change or emergency, and you’ll receive access to the police and other emergency response teams.

  • 1 in 34 residents of Geneseo are likely to become victims of property crime
  • 83 property crimes were reported in 2016
  • In Geneseo, an average of 24 crimes per square mile are reported each year


Each year, thousands of families nationwide are affected by property crimes such as burglary and theft. You can depend on Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Geneseo to help keep your home safe from intrusions. Installing ADT’s monitoring service in your home will help provide you with a defense against any outside threat or emergency situation. It is important to us that residents of Geneseo understand the safety of their surroundings and their options for home security. Call and schedule an installation today to begin protecting your home and family with Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Geneseo.

Located in one of the best preserved buildings in the city, the Geneseo Illinois Museum houses an extensive collection of local artifacts and many breathtaking features of the original mansion, built in the year 1869. The grounds today still maintain five of 12 original marble fireplaces, as well as an ornate chandelier with over 190 prisms. The museum is most easily recognized by the large bust of Abraham Lincoln seated at the northwest corner of the grounds. Additionally, Geneseo is home to an antique store and several specialty shops.

Geneseo is a beautiful city, home to many families that range broadly in age, jobs, education, and wealth. The population density is 5 times higher than that of the rest of Illinois. The median household income of Geneseo is $58,382, higher than that of the nation overall at $53,657. Employment is evenly spread among blue-collar and white-collar occupations. Many residents of Geneseo work in management, sales jobs, and administrative support. The most common languages spoken are English, Spanish, and German. The percentage of Geneseo adults with a bachelor’s degree is 29.2%, higher than that of the United States at 21.84% of adults nationally.


  1. Quick and convenient home security installation - Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Geneseo will help you understand all aspects of your system so that you can be as prepared as possible for any scary situation. Our team will also answer any questions that you may have on the day of installation. Call us today to schedule an appointment to install your home security system, and you’ll begin learning about defending yourself from potential threats against your home.
  2. Advanced equipment - With our infrared interior cameras and wireless sensors, you will have notification of any disturbance that may occur in your home. Furthermore, your home security system can easily connect you to emergency response teams in your area.
  3. ADT Money-Back Guarantee - If during the six months following installation ADT is unable to resolve any system-related issue, you may receive a refund of the installation price and all monitoring fees you paid within the first six months. Certain restrictions apply*.