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Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring near Braintree helps create safer environments for homeowners with our leading home security system. With our transformative technology and unbeatable customer relations, ADT helps prevent home invasions and burglaries and provide a wide range of monitoring services. Our goal is to improve your safety and increase your freedom to leave your home without the fear of an intruder. To learn more about the services that we offer and how we can help make your home safe, call Protect Your Home – ADT Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Braintree today.

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24 Hour ADT Monitoring

Our advanced surveillance cameras can detect any signs of intrusion and ADT can contact emergency response teams. Your home will be provided with 24/7 surveillance, and will be monitored for any suspicious activity day and night. Stay informed on movements surrounding your home at all times, whether you’re at work for the day or on vacation for the week.

Affordable Security Solutions 

Everyone should have the right to a worry-free environment and a safe home. In addition to providing top-of-the-line equipment and customer support, we are also committed to delivering these services at a convenient and low price for all of our clients. Start monitoring your home today for a fraction of the monthly cost of Wi-Fi or electricity.

Quick and convenient home security installation

Protect Your Home – ADT Authorized Premier Provider will help you understand all aspects of your system so that you can be as prepared as possible for any emergency situation. Our team of locally based home security experts will answer any questions that you may have during the security system installation.

Braintree, MA is located just south of Boston. This cozy New England town is located in Norfolk County with a population of 35,744. Real estate prices are some of the highest in the nation, but don't even compare to the rest of Massachusetts. The high real estate prices are due to the proximity to the city, which is on the water. The most popular crime in this area is property crime. The best way to combat against the threat of invasion is to consider a quality home security system to protect both your home and family against danger. In Braintree you have a 1 in 50 chance of becoming a victim to any crime. Take a look at some more facts below to educate yourself on the local crime statistics:

  • For every 100,000 people, there are 5.48 daily crimes that occur in Braintree
  • Braintree is safer than 49% of the rest of the cities in the United States
  • In Braintree you have a 1 in 50 chance of becoming a victim of any crime


We want you and your family to feel comfortable and happy in your homes. Protect Your Home – ADT Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Braintree will provide you with the information and tools needed to help make your home environment a safe and practical one. If you call us today, you can receive a free quote for our services and schedule an installation date as early as tomorrow.

This coastal Massachusetts town encompasses everything New England represents. Its coastal sights and New England weather attract residents and visitors alike. The solid community is very welcoming to families, and a very good place for outside families to consider. With a combination of good schools, relatively low crime, and opportunity, a high rate of family home ownership is prevalent. However, for the younger crowd looking for nightlife, this may not be appealing to you. What is appealing is living near the water. Nearly everyone living in this area is relatively close to the ocean. Take into consideration the sun setting over the beautiful horizon, or participating in waterfront activities. The summer is the best time for exploring the beaches and partaking in ocean-front adventures as the winter is much too cold for outdoor activities. Overall, this city is a great community for families to reside.

When it comes to opportunities in the workforce, Braintree can be described as a white-collar city, with fully 85.82% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs. This is noted as well above the nation’s average and explains the high cost of real estate in this region. This allows many people to purchase single-family properties. The most popular type of jobs in this region include office workers, professionals, and managers. Close to the city of Boston, this provides many up-scale job opportunities for residents. Unfortunately many of these residents encounter a longer than average commute time to their destination. The average commute to work is around 32.43 minutes, which is much higher than the national average. The use of public transportation is widely used, and may provide a viable option to many workers in the area. The community is somewhat ethnically diverse, where many people identify as a combination of many races.