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Your top priority as a homeowner is to provide your family with a safe and secure environment at home. Protect Your Home believes in helping you do exactly that with our security systems, which can be the extra set of eyes when you’re not there. We provide quick installations at your convenience so that you can go on with your day with a peace of mind. Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring servicing New York helps more than 200,000 homeowners around the country protect their families and belongings.

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Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Providers servicing New York provides you with free quotes to see how much your home security system will cost. Our Security Advisors will go to you and work with you to create a custom plan for your home. Our local branches cover all of New York, from upstate locations in Albany, Rochester, and Onondaga County to locations in or near New York City like Whitestone, Bohemia, Rockville Centre, or Woodbury. Wherever you are in New York, Protect Your Home can come to you and set up an installation at your convenience.

If you want to find the closest New York branch from your home, you can search “ADT locations near me” on Google. Our representatives are ready to address any of your questions and concerns and will work with you to best protect your home.

Protect Your Home’s mission is to help protect you and your family from intruders and burglars with top of the line security services that watches over your home all throughout the day. We want to help prevent you from becoming a victim to property crime. While the increase of home security systems have helped decrease property crime rates in the country, burglary is still prevalent and millions of families still fall victim and suffer monetary and/or physical damages from home invasions. Take a look at some statistics on burglary:

  • 38% of robberies are committed with a gun
  • A household member was present in roughly 1 million burglaries and became victims of violent crimes in 266,560 burglaries
  • 44% of household members were engaged in other activities in the home when the offender gained entry to the residence


Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring servicing New York encourages homeowners to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from potential harm by safeguarding their homes with security systems. Protect Your Home’s reliable surveillance systems will watch over your home every hour of the day to help create a safe environment for your family and contact the police or emergency response teams if you are ever in distress.

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Crime info New York

New York violent and property crime rates have been declining over the past few decades, and the state has become a safer place to live for homeowners. However, while property crime rates have been cut in less than half from 1990, the fact that hundreds of thousands of residents are still affected by burglars and intruders should keep homeowners on guard. Here are some recent statistics on property crime in New York State:

  • In 2016, 302,003 property crimes were reported
  • 39,470 of the total property crimes were burglaries


With the rise of home security systems, property crime rates have been going down in almost every city in the US. However, Protect Your Home encourages homeowners that still do not have a home security system to look into installing one, especially if you are in any of these top 3 most dangerous cities in New York:

  1. New York, NY: 142,760 property crimes, 18,635 burglaries
  2. Buffalo, NY: 13,454 property crimes, 3,976 burglaries, 294 arsons
  3. Rochester, NY: 11,283 property crimes, 2,978 burglaries, 194 arsons


Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring servicing New York wants to help protect homeowners and their families from home invasions and burglaries by providing them with advanced home security systems that watch over their homes day and night. You can find a local ADT Authorized Premier Provider servicing New York by searching for “ADT-monitored home security near me.” We will be happy to help answer any questions and arrange an installation time at your convenience.

New York Home Security

New York City is infamous for its expensive lifestyle and cost of living. New York City has one of the highest income taxes in the country, and is reported to be one of the least affordable cities in the country for residents. The cost of living in NYC is at least 68.8% higher than the national average when you take expenses into account. Residents find that living further away from the Big Apple, dramatically decreases the cost of living. For example, Albany is 30% cheaper in terms of the cost of living compared to NYC.


While New York may be expensive in general, there are many positive traits that continue to entice homeowners to stick around.

  • High school graduation rate has been gradually increasing - 79.4%
  • Median income is one of the highest in the country at $53,373
  • Crime rates experienced significant declines in the past decade, and continues to become a safer place for homeowners to live


Protect Your Home believes in helping decrease property crime and wants to help protect the hard working homeowners and their families. Our home security systems can detect any suspicious movements or disturbances in your doors or windows and have ready access to police dispatch or other emergency response teams. You can search for a local ADT Authorized Premier Provider servicing New York by searching for “ADT-monitored home security near me.” Let us help you protect you and your loved ones with our vigilant home security systems.

ADT-monitored Home Security Equipment for New York

Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider servicing New York gives you options for the equipment you choose to install in your home. You can choose to ramp up your home security system with additional equipment that will allow your home to be protected at every angle. Here are some features that come with our package:

  1. Wireless Keychain Remote Control - This wireless remote gives you control over your ADT-monitored security system. It comes with a panic alert button that you can use to alert your alarm system if you are in an emergency situation.
  2. Wireless Sensors for Windows or Doors - These sensors can detect any signs of entry or disturbances on your windows or doors and alert the alarm system, which may discourage burglars in their attempts of robbing your home. Protect Your Home recommends that you place these sensors on all of your windows and doors on the ground level of your home.
  3. Built in PIR Sensor - This interior motion sensor can watch the inside of your home, whether it is your hallways or rooms, and detect any suspicious activity. It will sense motion all day and night with its Passive Infrared (PIR) technology. It is also designed to ignore small pet movements so there are less false alarms.

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We all want to live in a safe place, but it’s a fact that some areas are safer than others. Despite a dense population and some large urban areas, New York turns out to be a pretty safe place, statistically speaking.

Find out about some of the Safest Cities in New York

Is New York Safe?

You might be surprised to know that New York compares well to the national average, being the eighth safest state for property crime and the 13th safest for violent crime. While there are many areas of New York City you might not think are safe, the National Council for Home Safety and Security named the following five burgs as the safest cities in New York for 2019.

The Safest Cities in New York

1. Lewisboro Town

Located about 50 miles north of NYC on the Connecticut border, Lewisboro is a conglomeration of six small hamlets, one of which is Lewisboro Town. It has no official downtown business district but is rich in natural beauty, with two county parks, six town parks, and several community preserves.

2. Bedford Town

At one time Bedford was part of Connecticut, but it was reassigned to New York by an English king in 1700. Since then, it has become famous for its beautiful horse farms and—more recently—as being home to MANY famous people, including Chevy Chase, Ryan Reynolds, Martha Stewart, Richard Gere, Glenn Close, Ralph Lauren, and President Donald Trump.

3. Floral Park Village

The history of this village began in 1824 with a few residents. In 1926 when the population reached 5,000, it was classified a “Village of the First Class.” Now it is an incorporated village in New York’s Nassau County on Long Island, with a population of nearly 16,000, and it sits next to its well-known neighbor, Queens.

4. Port Washington

Port Washington is an affluent little community of nearly 19,000 people which may be better known as the area of East Egg in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. At one time, it was home to composer John Philip Sousa and major league baseballer Daryl Strawberry, as well as publishing magnates Condé Montrose Nast and William Randolph Hearst.

5. Tarrytown Village

The Village of Tarrytown is as historic and charming as it sounds, nestled on the Hudson River 25 miles north of midtown Manhattan. Past residents include historically-famous authors Mark Twain and Washington Irving, whose gothic tale “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” made a neighboring community famous. In addition to being one of the safest cities in New York, Tarrytown Village has been named one of the "Prettiest Towns in America" by Forbes Magazine.

How to make your home safe. Picture is a New York family.


Make your home safe.

Whether you live in one of New York’s safe havens or anywhere else – you can make your home “the safest” by having a professionally-installed home security system. It’s a fact that homes with security systems are 300% less likely to have a break-in! If you don’t have a system yet, talk to a trusted home security provider today.

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