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Protecting your loved ones and belongings is one of the main priorities as a homeowner. It is difficult to watch over your home every second of the day, especially if you need to go to work or run an errand. Protect Your Home provides you with a home security system that will watch over your home day and night so you can go about your day with a peace of mind. We are able to arrange quick installations at your convenience, and will work together with you to safeguard your home from intruders. We can provide a secure line of defense for any potential burglary attempts and report any emergency situations to police, EMTs, or firefighters when you are in distress.

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Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider servicing Texas provides free quotes for homeowners who are interested in learning about the price of our home security systems. Our certified Security Advisors come to you and will work with you to devise a plan that can properly defend your home from burglars. We cover all of Texas from our branches in Austin, Houston, Amarillo, El Paso, Edinburg, Fort Worth, Addison, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, DeSoto, Tyler, Arlington, San Antonio, Abilene, Grapevine, and Brownsville.

Find the closest Texas branch by searching “ADT locations near me” on Google. You can give us a call at 1-866-260-5319 to talk to a representative about your quote or ask them any questions or concerns you may have.

With the rise of home security systems like Protect Your Home, property crime numbers have been decreasing nationwide. However, millions of homeowners are still victims of burglary and home invasions every year. Having a home security system can decrease the likelihood of burglars attempting to break into your home, and with our vigilant system we’ll make sure that every disturbance throughout your home is brought to your attention. You may consider the importance of home security systems after taking a look at these statistics:

  • 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced their decision to target another home
  • Someone is home during nearly 3/10 burglaries
  • 38% of robberies are committed with a gun


Protect Your Home’s mission is to help provide homeowners nationwide with a vigilant home security system that provides a safe and secure environment for their loved ones. We help more than 200,000 homeowners protect their families and belongings with our home security systems, and help ensure that their home is under watch whenever they need to leave the house.

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Crime info Texas

Being the second most populous state in the nation, Texas is bound to see high rates of crime. Nearly a million property crimes alone happen in Texas each year, and a large portion of them are home burglaries. Homeowners in Texas have started to implement home security systems, and use it as a first line of defense against burglars and intruders. Here are some statistics on property crime in Texas:

  • In 2014, there were 804,555 property crimes reported
  • 20.7% of all property offenses were burglaries
  • The total value of reported property stolen during 2014 was $1,908,440,751


Texas property crimes are higher in cities where the populations are larger. The top 3 cities for property crime are:

  1. Houston, TX: 107,678 property crimes, 26,630 burglaries, 754 arsons
  2. San Antonio, TX: 82,668 property crimes, 15,668 burglaries, 245 arsons
  3. Dallas, TX: 54,300property crimes, 16,090 burglaries, 581 arsons


Protect Your Home highly encourages homeowners to consider investing in a home security system to help protect their family and belongings. If you are a resident in Texas and would like to learn more about our home security systems, you can find your local ADT Authorized Premier Provider servicing Texas branch by searching for “ADT-monitored home security near me.” We can work with you to arrange an installation at your convenience and provide you with necessary equipment to defend your home.

Texas Home Security

The Lone Star State, the second largest state in the U.S. in both land area and population, is a destination that many homeowners love to call home. The state adds much value to the economy, with a GDP of over $1.6 trillion in 2015 and the nation’s leading producer of four different types of energy. Here are some other great benefits that Texas homeowners enjoy:

  • Median household income for Texas was $55,653 in 2015, just below the US national average
  • Home prices in Texas are on the rise, with the median home value estimated to be $156,913 in 2016
  • Texas had one of the highest high school graduation rates at 89% in 2015


While there are many things that homeowners enjoy about Texas, they also face some drawbacks of living in the state. Here are some things that they must tolerate as a resident of the state:

  • Texas has one of the highest average property tax rates in the country at 1.81%
  • 5 cities in Texas have been named as some of the most dangerous cities in the country
  • Poverty Rate is fairly high, at 15.9% overall


Protect Your Home wants to help homeowners protect their loved ones and their belongings by providing them with 24/7 surveillance and proper home security systems. We’ll be able to respond quickly to your distress calls and report your situation accordingly to law enforcement or emergency response teams.

ADT-monitored Home Security Equipment in Texas

Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider servicing Texas provides equipment options that you can choose when creating your custom plan. Our certified Security Advisors will walk you through the process and make sure you have everything you need to best protect your home from burglars and intruders. Here are some equipment options you can choose from:

  1. Full Service Digital Touchpad - This digital touchpad will allow you to access the security system from anywhere in your home. You can check on the status of every sensor and camera and see if there were any disturbances. You can also arm or disarm the system when your windows are open. Most importantly, you will have access to police, emergency responders, or firefighters with the touch of a button.
  2. Built in PIR Sensor - This interior sensor can detect any movement all throughout the day and will alarm the system if it finds any suspicious activity or disturbances whether it is your windows, doors, or rooms. It is designed with Passive Infrared (PIR) technology and Pet Immunity, so it will scan your home even at night and ignore small pet movements.
  3. Wireless Sensors for Windows or Doors - These wireless sensors can be attached onto your windows or doors and can detect any intrusions or attempts of forcible entry. It can set off the alarm and can discourage any further attempts of burglary. Protect Your Home advises that you place these on the ground level of your home.

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What is Smart Lighting?

smart lights
    1. Today’s homes are smarter than ever. Voice assistants, smart locks and video doorbell exist to help make your life easier and your home smarter. So, it is only natural that a smart lighting system also exists for your home.

    2. What is smart lighting?

      Smart lighting includes the different internet-connected solutions that allow you to manage, control, and check on your home’s lights. Smart light solutions include smart light bulbs, smart lamps, and smart plugs.


    The Smart Plug from Protect Your Home

    The versatile Smart Plug from Protect Your Home can work with your existing lamps. It is compatible with LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent lightbulbs—so you can keep your lightbulbs. The Smart Plug also works with small appliances, such as coffee makers and fans.

    The Smart Plug is very easy to use: just insert the smart plug into a wall outlet, and plug in your light or small appliance.


  3. You’ll need to add your Smart Plug to your list of devices in the ADT® Pulse app. Press the “sync” button on the Smart Plug. That should get you started.

    If you don’t see the Smart Plug in your app, go to the “System” tab and then “Manage Devices.” The on-screen directions will guide you through the rest of the installation steps.

    Protect Your Home offers professional installation to help you get started with the Smart Plug. A professional Security Advisor will install and test the Smart Plug, and walk you through the different ways you can use the Smart Plug in the ADT Pulse® app.


  5. Management in the ADT® Pulse App


  7. You can manage the Smart Plug (and your smart lighting system) from the ADT Pulse® app.

    With the ADT Pulse® app, you can:

    • View and control your lights or small appliances.
    • Dim or brighten your lights, even if your lamp doesn’t have a dimmer.
    • Schedule timed lighting events (read more below).
    • Set lighting rules with your other home security devices (read more below).
    • Enjoy hands-free control of your lights with the The ADT Pulse® Skill and Amazon Alexa.



    How do smart lights work with automated scheduling?

    With the Smart Plug, you can automate your smart lighting system to turn on or off at set times. And, you can even program your lights to dim at specific times of day.

    With Scheduling, you can:

    • Make it look like someone is home when you’re away.
    • Schedule your lights to fit your daily schedule. Ex: “lights on” when the sun sets, “lights on” when you get home from work, or “lights off” at children’s bedtimes.
    • Schedule your lights for smart solutions to life’s problems, such as “lights on” in the
    • morning to help wake you up

    Setting Lighting Rules:


    How do smart lights work with automation rules? And, how can your Smart Plug work with your ADT®-monitored home security system and other smart devices?

    With the Smart Plug and the ADT Pulse® app, you can set automated rules so your smart home security system and Smart Plug work together to make your home a smart home.

    With the Smart Plug, you can set these Smart Lighting System Rules:

    • Automatic lighted entry when you disarm your system and unlock the front door.
    • Automatic lights off when you lock your door and arm your system in “Away” mode.
    • Automatic lights on when your indoor cameras detect motion in a room that has a Smart Plug and lamp, such as your living room.
    • Automatic lights on when your video doorbell camera or outdoor cameras sense someone approaching your home.
    • Automatic lights on when your home security system’s alarm is triggered.

    ADT®: A Leader in Home Security Automation


    ADT® has emerged as a leader in the home automation industry because there are many ways that smart home features can work to enhance your home security system.

    Protect Your Home partners with ADT® to offer you smart home solutions that include the Smart Plug, ADT Video Doorbell, smart locks, video cameras, ADT Pulse®, and Amazon Alexa integration.

    So, are you ready to upgrade your home security with the and a smart lighting system?

    What is Smart Lighting (to You)?


    What is smart lighting to you? Well, the potential benefits of smart lighting are many.

    The Smart Plug from Protect Your Home allows you to manage your home’s lights and energy use. And, it can make life really easy—no more worrying about lights or appliances that you may have accidentally left on!

    Best of all, a smart lighting system can integrate with your existing ADTÒ-monitored security system as an additional security tool to help protect your home and family.

    Are you ready to integrate the Smart Plug with a Protect Your Home security system? Contact us and learn more.

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