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About Our San Antonio Home Security Branch

Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider is a trusted source for home security and surveillance. Our local office is committed to providing San Antonio homeowners with the necessary tools to safeguard their home from outside threats.

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Known for our sound security systems and guaranteed monitoring, our team of local professionals work hard to protect families and provide peace of mind. Call our office today and schedule an installation of an advanced home security system. With access to your system’s indoor cameras and ADT monitoring, you can rest assured knowing that your home will be monitored in your absence—whether you’re at work for the day or vacation for the week. Your home security system can detect signs of an intrusion and notify you and give you access to nearby emergency response teams. Install one of our security systems at your earliest convenience to help ensure that home continues to feel like home.

San Antonio Home Security Products and Solutions:

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According to FBI crime data, San Antonio has one of the highest rates of crime in the nation across cities and communities of all sizes. The crime rate in San Antonio is roughly 56 crimes per one thousand reported each year. San Antonio has a crime index of 4, meaning that it is safer than approximately 4% of all other U.S. Cities. Within the state of Texas, more than 96% of all other cities and communities have a lower crime rate than San Antonio. For every square mile that makes up the city, roughly 177 crimes are reported each year–a rate that is nearly six times as high as the national and state averages.

In recent years, the number of overall crimes has increased by 5%. As such, home security is a relevant and important asset available to you as a San Antonio homeowner. The following statistics provide a closer look at property crime in San Antonio, TX:

  • 5% of San Antonio residents are likely to become victims of property crime
  • Nearly 75,000 instances of property crime are reported annually
  • For every thousand residents of San Antonio, 50.47 property crimes take place each year


It is important to us at Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider, that residents feel safe in their surroundings. Call our San Antonio office to schedule an installation, and begin to feel safer in your home as early as this week. The ADT monitoring network is dedicated to its customers, providing you with customer service that can’t be beat. Our local installation experts will gladly walk you through the features of your new home security system to ensure that you feel prepared in the event of a home-related emergency. With the help of Protect Your Home - ADT Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in San Antonio, you will have the best possible resources to help protect your home from outside threats.

With a population of 1,469,845 people and 322 constituent neighborhoods, San Antonio is the second largest community in the state of Texas. It is neither a white-collar nor blue-collar city; rather, it has an even mix of both delineations. Many residents of San Antonio work in management occupations, sales jobs, and office and administrative support. San Antonio is a very car-oriented city, with 82% of the workforce driving their cars to work each day.

San Antonio is a very vibrant and diverse community, with a population density that is nearly 30 times higher than that of the state overall. The city has pleasant weather year-round, and the natural landscape provides the opportunity for many unique outdoor attractions. The Natural Bridge Caverns are a great find for hiking and nature enthusiasts. As the largest underground attraction in the state of Texas, the Caverns offer daily guided tours of the geologically formed rock chambers and formations. Nearby, one can explore minerals and gems at the Natural Bridge Mining Company Sluice. The site also features an above ground, 60-foot high Canopy Challenge with zip lines and an obstacle course.


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