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Your home security is Protect Your Home’s top priority, and with the Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring, Protect Your Home helps you leave your home feeling safe and secure. Do not settle on your home security, or simply go unmonitored. The ADT-monitored Home Security System is a professional system that ensures your home and family are safe, whether you are home or not. With easy-to-use security equipment and dependable monitoring, Protect Your Home is the secure choice.

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The importance of a home Security System cannot be overlooked, and Protect Your Home understands the gravity of home intrusions. With Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Washington DC, Protect Your Home is able to help make sure your home is secured. Serving the entire Washington DC area, Protect Your Home will give you a free Quote for the ADT-monitored Home Security System.

Protect Your Home aims to alleviate the stress a homeowner may feel when they leave their home. The ADT-monitored Security System monitors your home and alerts you to any suspicious activity. Home invasion is often not thought about until it happens to you, but there are many alarming statistics about intrusions.

  • A property crime happens every 3 seconds
  • 38% of all robberies are committed with guns
  • 3 out of 4 home in the US will be broken into within the next 20 years
  • 77% of all crimes are property crimes


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Washington, DC Crime Info

Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider helps ensure the safety of your family and helps to prevent the possibility of a home invasion. The ADT-monitored Security System is the best for protecting you and your home, which is alarmed and ready to outsmart any intruders. In order to understand the importance of Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring, check out these burglary stats:

  • 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced them to target another home
  • Typically burglars live within two miles of the target home because they can monitor the family’s schedule
  • 30% of burglars enter through unlocked door or window
  • In about 28% of burglaries a household member is present during the burglary


The ADT-monitored Alarm Systems are there to help keep you safe and reduce your anxieties as a homeowner. With easy-to-understand technology and a 24-hour connection to a central response base, your ADT-monitored system connects you with trained professionals ready to help in case of an alert or emergency.

Home Security in Washington DC

With the highest per capita income in the US, there are many areas of Washington DC that are susceptible to a home invasion. Washington DC has a sizable gap between the wealthy and poor, with 18.9% of the population living below the poverty level. With such disparities in wealth and the high crime rate, the Home Security System is a necessity. Annually, there are roughly 31,435 property crimes in Washington DC, with the chances of being a victim being 1 in 21. The likelihood of becoming a victim of burglary increase by 300% when homes do not have a security system, and ADT-monitored security systems provide the highest quality in home security.


In Washington DC the wealthiest areas are more likely to be targeted for a home invasion. These locations are:

  1. Great Falls
  2. McLean
  3. The Chevy Chases
  4. North Arlington
  5. Barnaby Woods

23% of Washington DC’s 179 neighborhoods are considered economically challenged. The four most dangerous places in Washington DC are listed below.

  1. Washington Highlands/Bellveue
  2. NoMa
  3. Columbia Heights/ Mount Pleasant and Park View
  4. Brentwood
  5. Ivy City


ADT-monitored Home Security Equipment for Washington DC

Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider strives to provide a fully comprehensive home alarm system, with easy-to-use equipment and quick communication with law enforcement services. Some of the features available with Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Washington DC may include:

  1. Digital Keypads - Used as the mainframe for your security system, this easy-to-use keypad allows you to arm and disarm your system.
  2. Entryway Contacts - These monitors allow you to keep track of all the points of entry in the home. When the alarm is unarmed and someone opens a door or window, the control panel makes a sound that alerts you to their presence. When the alarm is armed and someone tries to gain access to your home, the sensors activate a high-decibel alarm.
  3. Remote Arm and Disarm - Using your smartphone, tablet or desktop, you can activate your ADT-monitored Security from any location. It also gives you alerts on your home if there are any broken sensors.
  4. Backup Battery - Losing power doesn’t mean your home is at risk for a home invasion. The Monitoring System automatically switches to a backup battery in the event of a power outage with 12 hours of coverage.
  5. ADT Yard Sign and Window Decals - 60% of burglars stated that the presence of a security system deterred them from entering a home and our decals are designed to do just that. Our simple designs let you and everyone else know that you are protected.

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IoT Home Security - The Future of Connected Devices


Those of us that watched The Jetsons on TV may have marveled at the flying cars and moving sidewalks of the future. Many years later, we aren’t quite there yet, but with IoT we’re pretty close.

Maybe the term “IoT” sounds familiar? It’s a pretty popular topic of conversation, especially on the internet. And it’s a fast-growing industry. But what is IoT?

IoT is short for the “Internet of Things.” And according to Forbes, IoT is a “giant connected network of ‘things.’” Things meaning IoT devices that are connected to each other and to the internet.

Home Automation

A related and more common term you may recognize is Home Automation—the ability to schedule and automate your Smart Home or IoT connected devices.

Home Automation falls under the umbrella of IoT and connected devices. At their best, Home Automation IoT devices can help make life easier and better. IoT can connect all of your favorite devices like Amazon Alexa, smart plugs, and smart light bulbs.

But did you know it can connect your Home Security System?
Let’s take a look at the different connected devices you can incorporate into a Home IoT S
ecurity System.

IoT Connected Devices

ADT® Video Doorbell

The ADT® Video Doorbell allows you to answer your front door from virtually anywhere with clear HD video streaming and two-way audio—all from the ADT Pulse® + Video app on your smartphone or smart device.

The ADT Video Doorbell also sends alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected, and records motion and doorbell-activated video clips for you to view later—which is great for when you’re away from home, or unable to come to the door.

  • The ADT Video Doorbell can help protect you from:
    • Theft
    • Intruders
    • Unwanted solicitors
    • Package pirates

So, how does the ADT Video Doorbell work with your other IoT devices and IoT Home Security?

  • You can remotely welcome guests to your home with the ADT Video Doorbell:
    • Greet guests with the ADT Video Doorbell’s two-way audio and video capabilities.
    • Grant access to your home by arming and disarming your IoT Home Security System through the ADT® Pulse app.
    • Remotely unlock your front door with one of your other IoT connected devices: the Smart Lock.
    • When your guests are ready to leave, re-arm your system from your smartphone or smart device.

Smart Lock

The Smart Lock allows you to lock and unlock your front door from virtually anywhere with the ADT Pulse® app on your smartphone.

You and your family can lock and unlock the front door using the ADT Pulse® app or a keypad combination code. With the Smart Lock, you’ll never have to worry about getting locked out of your home again. Or wonder if you remembered to lock the door after you left home.

You can grant keyless entry to guests through the app or create keypad combinations for regular visitors.

You’ll receive alerts to your connected devices when your Smart Lock status changes, so you can always know when someone enters or leaves your home. And with the ability to set up to 30 unique passcodes, no one needs to share a code, and you’ll always know who is coming or going by the code that was used.

It’s an easy fix in the ADT® Pulse app if someone accidentally shares a passcode, or if you need to remove someone’s access to your home.

You can even automate your Smart Locks to automatically unlock if there is ever a smoke or fire-triggered alarm—so first responders can easily enter your home to provide aid.

  • The Smart Lock pairs with your other IoT Home Security devices, including:
    • ADT Video Doorbell
    • Smart Plugs (for lighted entry)
    • Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Indoor Camera

The Indoor Camera allows you to keep an eye on the people and different areas of your home in real time—all from your smartphone or connected devices.

You’ll receive alerts and video clips when the Indoor Camera detects motion, which will help you to better protect your home and family.

  • You won’t miss a thing that happens in your home with:
    • Clear, HD video
    • Day and night camera modes
    • Live streaming, motion-activated video clips, and video recording
    • The ability to switch between different video cameras and angles in the ADT Pulse® + Video app

The Indoor Camera also pairs with IoT devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home for a voice- controlled IoT Home Security System.

Alexa Integration

If you already own (and love) an Alexa voice assistant device, you may be excited to learn about the different ways you can integrate Alexa voice commands into your IoT Home Security System.

You can level up your IoT security with hands-free control by pairing an Alexa device with your home’s connected IoT devices.

You may have heard news stories about hackers and IoT devices. But the Alexa ADT® Pulse skill helps make it easier to keep your family and home safe. Your privacy and security are important, so Alexa asks for a verbal PIN to disarm your ADT system or unlock your Smart Locks. This can help prevent others from accessing your IoT Security System through Alexa.

Do you know your Alexa voice commands?

Here are some of the most popular Alexa commands you can use to manage your IoT Security System with the ADT® Pulse skill:

  • Security System Alexa Commands:
    • Alexa, arm my system in Away mode.
    • Alexa, arm my system in Stay mode.
    • Alexa, disarm my system with PIN 1234.
    • Alexa, is my system armed?
  • Smart Lock Alexa Commands:
    • Alexa, lock the Front Door Lock.
    • Alexa, unlock the Front Door Lock with PIN 1234.
    • Alexa, is the Front Door locked?
  • Lights (Smart Plug) Alexa Commands:
    • Alexa, turn on the Bedroom Light.
    • Alexa, turn off the Front Hall Light.
    • Alexa, dim the Living Room Light.
    • Alexa, dim the Living Room Light to 50%.
  • Video Camera Alexa Commands:
    • Alexa, record a video clip from my Front Door Camera.

Iot Supporting

ADT® Pulse App

The ADT® Pulse smartphone app is user-friendly (it has a 4.8 star rating in the Apple app store) and allows you to view and manage your IoT Home Security on the go. You can arm and disarm your IoT security system, view the status of doors and windows, and receive security alerts—all on your smartphone.

  • Popular ADT® Pulse IoT Devices Management:
    • View live video from your Security Cameras.
    • Answer your ADT Video Doorbell with two-way audio and video.
    • Lock and unlock your Smart Locks.
    • Control Smart Plugs (for lights and small appliances).

IoT Home Security

IoT has made science fiction seem possible with devices that can send you information, operate via voice commands, and even communicate with each other. And now, your favorite IoT connected devices can all work together to create a Smart Home Security System.

Imagine an IoT Security System that can help protect your home AND help make your life easier and more comfortable.

Well, when it comes to IoT, the future is here.

Are you ready to get started with IoT devices and IoT Home Security? Contact us! 

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